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The Best Trading Apps from Brokers in Europe

Most well-known and reputable brokers are attempting to provide clients with all the necessary conditions for the convenience of trading using devices and creating their own mobile applications, with the expectation that trading can gradually migrate to modern gadgets without being tied to a specific place. These advances come in a variety of formats and functional elements, so sometimes, using many mobile applications simultaneously is necessary to select the best combination of trading-related features. For a variety of mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, apps are created.

MobileTrader: Online Trading

For users of all levels of expertise, Mobile Trader: Online Trading is a fully functional mobile trading platform. It gives users access to mobile trading with a reputable online broker who has won more than 20 significant accolades from leaders in the financial sector.

MobileTrader broker app offers:

  • Online trading: more than 100 currency pairs, gold, stocks, indices, and derivatives.
  • Analytical resources: forecasts, news, reviews of economic events, online trading signals, and currency quotes.
  • Integrated investment platform for copy trading.
  • Full control over your accounts and funds: make deposits, get bonuses, and check your trading history.
  • Virtual account for the first successful steps in the financial markets as a trader.

Dash 2 Trade: Online Trading

The gap in analytical systems for all strata of the trading audience, from newcomers to true market titans, was filled with the introduction of Dash 2 Trade. For individuals who are just starting out in the realm of cryptocurrency and trading, the service will also be helpful. You may choose the time intervals for the timely opening and closure of positions on a semi-automatic level using a set of analytical tools incorporated within the project.

It makes sense why people are so excited about the platform since it addresses a long-standing issue in the industry, particularly process optimization. A user-friendly interface with lots of features is quite helpful in this. All of this combined enables you to follow many cryptocurrencies at once, along with all of the data regarding them, such as indexes, signals, and complete charts. Significant advantages of the platform:

  • Functionality for automated selection and building strategies;
  • The ranking system and pre-sale notifications with a gradation of profitability of investments;
  • Flexible analytical tools.

Libertex: Online Trading

Libertex stands out from other brokers since it only deals in CFD contracts. You won’t be able to invest in assets the conventional way as a result. In exchange, you will make predictions about the asset’s future price without actually owning it, which offers several benefits when utilizing the Libertex trading program.

For instance, Libertex enables spread-free purchases and sales of financial products. Each transaction has a very low commission rate; for example, buying or selling the major asset classes will only cost you less than 0.1%. Libertex also provides lower leverage for small traders and up to 1:600 leverage for professional clients. This top-rated trading program provides a wide range of tradable assets, including equities, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and foreign exchange rates.

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